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Pete Schwaba

Pete Schwaba is a stand-up comic and screenwriter. His credits include “A Guy Thing”(MGM) and “The Godfather of Green Bay”(Image). He has also written for what he likes to call “television,” including “Sports Soup” and “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?”  When it comes to religion, Pete is a staunch heterosexual. Pete created ShopForYourGirl.com because when it comes to buying gifts for women, he is a complete idiot. Pete would like to thank the SFYG team of shoppers – none of them men – for making him look like a big sweetie. Now when girls receive a gift from Pete they say, “You know what?  That Pete Schwaba is quite a guy.”  Please visit  www.TheGodfatherOfGreenBay.com

Erin Keefer

Erin Keefer, a California native, graduated from the University of Virginia and has since spent most of her time in New York City and Los Angeles pursuing a career as an actor and screenwriter. She has made appearances on Chappelle’s Show, Arrested Development, According to Jim, As the World Turns, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and several Independent Films. She is a wife and mother of two little boys and looks forward to the day when she will once again enjoy what she has heard others refer to as ‘free time.’ In the meantime, she loves her little guys and enjoys writing whenever possible.

Dick Funkbuckle

I think the picture says it all.




Chip Chinery

Chip Chinery is a skin-flint from way back. He started ChipsMoneyTips.com to give “Money Tips in a Candy-Coated Shell” through humorous, entertaining and informative videos and posts. Most people are clueless about money. Not you – them. Other people.

A stand-up comic and actor, Chip has performed over 3,000 shows, won a regional EMMY award, and has appeared on over 175 TV shows, movies and commercials including The Tonight Show, Seinfeld & Coyote Ugly. You can see that work at ChipChinery.com.

Lou DiMaggio

Lou DiMaggio began his career in his native New York City as a stand-up comedian. He has a recurring role in HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and many other TV and Film appearances he’s not nearly as proud of. Lou received an Emmy award for writing on “Win Ben Stein’s Money” for Comedy Central – which really impressed his family who are not in show business.  He reads, writes and occasionally does some arithmetic.  Lou currently lives in Los Angeles.  You can follow Lou on Twitter at https://twitter.com/loudimaggio

Mike Siegel

Mike Siegel is a comedian, TV host and actor who resides in Los Angeles. He is single, loves to travel, hates to shop, and has intimacy issues. He can be found at funnymike.com, on Twitter at twitter.com/funnymike, and hear his travel podcast,  at  traveltalespodcast.com.


Leo Benvenuti

Despite rapidly approaching middle age, Leo Benvenuti still stands at a muscular Five-Eleven.  Leo is a Chicago native and former Stand-Up Comic.  He was one half  of the Chicago Comedy Team “Steve and Leo” and often times referred to as ‘the funny one.’  After leaving Chicago in the mid-nineties for Los Angeles, Leo wrote “The Santa Clause,” “Space Jam” and “Kicking and Screaming.”  Please feel free to visit his website at www.playhouse331.tv/.  Having recently moved back to his beloved hometown, Leo has branched out and is now a renowned artist and is exhibiting his artwork all across  America.  Leo’s artwork can also be seen at his website at www.leobenvenuti.com.

Anthony Griffith

Anthony is a Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Producer and part time cross dresser – not in that order.  His credits include “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Charlie’s Angel’s: Full Throttle” and “Panther” in which he portrayed Eldridge Cleaver.  After years of trying to find the right name for his personal website Anthony nailed it.  Please visit www.anthonygriffith.com.



Rick Hall

Rick Hall grew up on a farm in Illinois, worked at The Second City in Chicago, is an actor in LA, writes stories, married Laura Hall (Whose Line is it Anyway), wrote and produced an award winning short film, “Slice of Pie” and enjoys run on sentences.  www.sliceofpie.com


Ted Lyde

Ted Lyde is a California Resident, Hollywood Outsider, Inspirational Cynic, Nearly Published Writer, Devoted yet Reluctant Husband and Father of Two.  Ted has lived by the words his father spoke years ago before kicking him out of the house when he said, “Ted, you don’t have to see things my way to understand I’m right.”  Ted is determined to keep his own children under his roof and wishes them the best of luck.

Mike Toomey

With his Sharp Delivery, quick wit, and unique style, Mike Toomey has been a favorite at comedy clubs and special events since 1982. A Regular performer on The WGN Morning News in Chicago, Mike has appeared in concert with such names as George Carlin, Wayne Newton, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Reba McIntyre. He has performed on numerous television programs including; HBO’s U.S. comedy Arts Festival in Aspen Colorado; MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour; and A&E’s Comedy on the Road.  The Chicago Tribune calls Mike, “One of the funniest and most talented performers to ever work in Chicago.” For an evening of uncontrollable laughs, Mike Toomey is a sure choice!  You can see more of Mike at www.mike-toomey.com/ or www.miketoomeytv.com/

Carla Filisha

Carla is a recovering stand up comic from Chicago.  She now resides in Los Angeles and has written for such shows as “Wordgirl,” “Still Standing” and currently writes for the hit show, “Mike & Molly.”


Andrew Genser (Gensie or Gens)

Andrew Genser writes for the comedic television program “The Soup.”  He lives in Los Angeles.  He has a big heart and even longer thumbs.  He thinks he was a dog in his former life.  He guesses there’s nothing left to say about him.”


Paul GilmartinPaul Gilmartin 

As a stand-up, Paul has dozens of television appearances, including The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents: Paul Gilmartin.

He has performed as a stand-up and a sketch actor at the Montreal Comedy Festival, and three times at the Aspen Comedy festival, most recently as his character, Representative Richard Martin (R-Ohio), who spreads hope to suburban couples having trouble affording a second home.

He was a co-host on TBS’ Dinner and a Movie, from 1995-2011.

His weekly audio program, the Mental Illness Happy Hour, launched in 2011 is the most popular Self-Help podcast on Itunes, getting over a million downloads in its first year. It was chosed by The Onion’s A.V. Club as a Top Ten Podcast of 2011.

His websites are HYPERLINK “http://www.askarepublican.com” www.askarepublican.com, HYPERLINK “http://www.mentalpod.com” www.mentalpod.com and HYPERLINK “http://www.paulgilmartin.com” www.paulgilmartin.com.

He would like to list more information, but knows at this point you are struggling to stay awake.

Steve Rudnick

Steve is one half of the legendary Chicago Comedy Team “Steve and Leo.”  He has since moved on to  screenwriting and directing.  Steve has written “The Santa Clause,” “Space Jam” & “Kicking and Screaming.”  Steve resides in Los Angeles where he enjoys reading and spending time with his family.  Steve is also an avid phlebotomist.  Please check out Steve’s website.  http://www.playhouse331.tv/

Peter Moor

Peter Moor is a Chicago native with fond memories of studying at The Second City Comedy Theater.
He did stand-up comedy for 10 years at crappy and not so crappy venues in the midwest.  He now works in education in Los Angeles, and is not sure who is a tougher audience… middle school kids, or audiences such as the one he performed in front of in Lincoln Nebraska… when he followed strippers, and the band “Crash Alley”… whose slogan was “We’re Loud, We’re Rude, and We’re Not Going Away”.

The MANagement

The Management is an advice column and weekly dialogue offering a resource for men with questions. Three expert men, Ted, Brian and Frank examine, diagnose and prescribe solutions to any problem posed by the vagaries and quandaries of being a man in today’s world. They realize that men are inundated with requests from girlfriends, wives, kids, jobs, friends and bosses. Like never before, men need direction, they need guidance, they need The Management.

Ted: Although quite the ladies man, Ted is a serial monogamist. He brings his unique insight into single life to The MANagement.

Brian: Brian is a stay at home dad. His wife Jill, previously married, believed she was infertile until she married Brian and his unprecedented amount of sperm. Jill soon became pregnant with quadruplets. Brian offers his special insight into raising kids and making marriage work.

Frank: Frank founded The MANagement so he could work with his friends, Ted and Brian and help men everywhere. Although Frank has slept with over a thousand women, he’s had sex with only three of them, preferring instead to actually sleep.

Mike Desotell is a professional journalist and has over the past 35 years worked in radio, television and newspaper. (Apparently he can’t hold a job). He has watched such television shows as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He also got to stand on the stage of Saturday Night Live during a tour of the NBC Studios in 1984. You may have seen him in theaters watching several major Hollywood movies such as Die Hard, The Terminator and The Godfather of Green Bay. Mike’s main interest is to leave lame comments on his friend’s Facebook pages, while his two prized possessions are his mullet and his 20-year-old Buick Lesabre.

Bio PicRoger Rittenhouse is a comedy writer and blogger for snugglewool.com.




Author PhotoPeter Scott has worked in film and television and is the author of two books, Well Groomed: A Wedding Planner For What’s-His-Name and There’s a Spouse in My House.  He lives in Los Angeles.

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