Is Friendship Overrated?

Here’s a good question. Is Friendship real? Is it even necessary? More importantly is Friendship Overrated? Absolutely. In the real world having an actual, reliable, trustworthy friend is a very rare commodity. Landing friends like you see on tv is as easy and as likely as winning the lottery.

The problem is Hollywood packages Friendship and hypes it with the same glitter and promise that it uses to sell Alcohol. And while I believe Beer is good and has it’s place in life –  it has never been as essential to happiness as Budweiser claims it to be. And on the odd occasions that beer does rise to it’s transcendental, life altering, media driven reputation, it is almost always followed by glaring poor judgment or abject disappointment… just like friendship.

I know I sound bitter. But trust me I’m not. I have a few friends. And I have lost a few friends. But my experiences for better or worse have not prepared me for the carnage I witness while watching my two young children navigate the gritty minefields of grade school politics. Armed with nothing more than a rudimentary grasp of manners and a shining false idea that they should have at least 2 BFFs like the people on their favorite programs.   Learning to Make Friends Is not easy and there’s no way to learn how except to live through it… and rate it for your self.

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Ted Lyde is a California Resident, Hollywood Outsider, Inspirational Cynic, Nearly Published Writer, Devoted yet Reluctant Husband and Father of Two. Ted has lived by the words his father spoke years ago before kicking him out of the house when he said, “Ted, you don’t have to see things my way to understand I’m right.” Ted is determined to keep his own children under his roof and wishes them the best of luck.

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